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This blog is fairly new, but on its way to becoming BIG! I'm working hard on my baby and on supporting my readers, which the engagement rates reflect.

I'm happy to partner up with people and companies in the travel, lifestyle and personal development industries. Whether it's exploring new places, testing new products, addressing important topics, or guest posts - anything that is of value to my readers, is of value to me. I look forward to hearing about your ideas and sharing exciting stories, unique experiences and beautiful photos from the Caribbean to the world.

I like to work with destinations, brands, concepts and projects to create authentic editorial content that is in line with my reader's interests.

Work With Me

Some of the possible options:
  • Destination / Tour / Hotel Review

  • Brands / Product / Service / App Review

  • Project / Event Review

  • Sponsored Blog Posts

  • Sponsored Social Media Campaigns

  • Guest Articles

  • Partnerships (promote your brand over a longer period of time)

Several ways for me to promote your content: