• Sarah D. PANDIA

To New Beginnings

Updated: May 10, 2021

"Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End."- Seneca

This morning, shortly after the sun rose, we woke up, hopped out of bed and decided to drop everything and go! Alright, people who know us will tell you that we’ve got ants in our pants, but it was actually quite a lengthy process for us to get to this point.

My hubby and I are compulsive travellers. There, I said it! Ever since we’ve been together, I simply can't recall living in one country for longer than four consecutive years. What had been so different this time around? Let me explain.

Prior to meeting each other fourteen years ago, we both travelled for work and personal leisure. We got married and continued relocating together, literally around the globe, for ten additional years thanks to our telecom careers. It wasn't until 2015 that we decided the time had come to stop moving. We thus made the decision to head back to one of our base countries, with our dogs who had joined the pack in tow, and as time went by, we eventually settled down comfortably enough to have a baby.

And we did just that! We took a sabbatical, chose Romania to call Home and had our baby in 2017. That is, not before enduring our fair share of infertility problems, but in the end, we managed to welcome a beautiful, healthy baby boy to our family!

With the arrival of our first child, and like many new parents out there, we had to put things into perspective and rethink our nomadic lifestyle. Traveling without worrying about anyone but yourself is one thing. Having a child cope with countless airports, endless flights, different time zones, weather changes and numerous languages, is another. Something totally different. I would be the first to know… Been there, done that!

After our sabbatical, and during the three years following our son's birth, we were blessed with the opportunity to experiment with several different entrepreneurial projects in hopes of pinpointing a career path we'd both love doing for a living. Neither of us had chosen the telecommunications industry; it had chosen us, as cheesy as that might sound. So be it though, because as it turned out, we both excelled at climbing the “corporate ladder”. That being said though, let me equally add that high-paying expat jobs meant working 70-hour weeks at time. And in my opinion, one can only follow that kind of lifestyle for a certain period of time before making the decision to stop for their own sake. Or they’d hit a brick wall. Burn out.

Putting our corporate careers on pause, taking a sabbatical year, having a baby and experimenting with small business ventures allowed us to conclude that there is one thing, above all others, that we aren't willing to give up: Traveling. And you know what? We've also decided to stop resisting the urge or feeling guilty about it. We have come to accept and embrace who and what we truly are: nomads, wanderers, travellers, roamers, drifters, gypsies. Now, it's just a matter of giving in to this passion in a way that is healthy for our son.

It is possible to lead a nomadic lifestyle all-the-while providing love, care, stability, education, food, stimulating activities and a generally healthy lifestyle to a child.

Of course, our travels will not be as intense, spontaneous or risky as they probably have been in the past. And, let’s face it, having a kid now, we’ll probably need to plan a bit more in advance, but overall, we will enjoy casual family travels under the notion of slow living that we appreciate so much.

And here we are. As a result of our love for the sea in particular, and our experience as skippers, we are currently in the process of selling all our belongings, buying a sailboat and transitioning to a full-time liveaboard lifestyle by Spring 2020! We'll be combining business and pleasure on board, too. As digital nomads, we'll be sailing along the Mediterranean coastlines all while blogging and managing our respective businesses from a distance! Are you ready to ride the wave with me?

Sarah the Digital GypSea

Romania, June 2019