• Sarah D. PANDIA

Seedlings Of Happiness

(Dedication to my children)

"Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination." - Immanuel Kant

Inspired by the book "Hector and the search for happiness” written by François Lelord, I decided to compile some of my favourite seedlings and create some of my own too. Enjoy!

Seedling No. 1: Happiness is waking up at whatever time you want, without the slightest worry in the world.

Seedling No. 2: Happiness is waking up to a delicious traditional homemade breakfast.

Seedling No. 3: Happiness is listening to someone in need of releasing emotions.

Seedling No. 4: Happiness is being filled with a sense of overwhelm when surrounded by great natural beauty.

Seedling No. 5: Happiness is watching your loved ones enjoy space and time around you.

Seedling No. 6: Happiness is listening to the sound of silence.

Seedling No. 7: Happiness is wandering about in an unknown place, alone, and discovering new things.

Seedling No. 8: Happiness is being comfortable with the unknown.

Seedling No. 9: Happiness is spotting a wild animal in the middle of nowhere.

Seedling No. 10: Happiness is the feeling of growth after acknowledging a mistake and constructively learning from it.

Seedling No. 11: Happiness isn't bringing others down in order to shine.

Seedling No. 12: Happiness isn't showing off a meaningless materialistic superficial lifestyle to prove you're better off.

Seedling No. 13: Happiness isn't feeling ashamed of your past, your origins nor your background.

Seedling No. 14: Happiness isn't distancing yourself from a basic lifestyle or natural environment.

Seedling No. 15: Happiness is acknowledging that there are both good and bad things everywhere, that there is no better place, nor perfect life.

Seedling No. 16: Happiness is the freedom to travel the globe as easily as if you were running errands in your small-town neighbourhood.

Seedling No. 17: Happiness is living immensity as if it were ordinary and seeing ordinary as if it were extraordinary.

Seedling No. 18: Happiness is feeling fully auto sufficient and complete.

Seedling No. 19: Happiness is solitude and silence.

Seedling No. 20: Happiness is learning and discovering.

Seedling No. 21: Happiness is being detached from time and money.

Sarah the Digital GypSea

Romania, January 2021