• Sarah D. PANDIA

How About A Little Seaduction?

"To desire nothing beyond what you have is surely happiness. Aboard a boat, it is frequently possible to achieve just that. That is why sailing is a way of life, one of the finest of lives." ― Carleton Mitchell

Winter isn't over just yet, I know that! But here I am, already dreaming big of our upcoming trip in the Spring. That's right, a while back, we said that one day, we were going to sail the world. And the day has finally come! Let the adventures begin!

Unlike our usual spontaneous and in the moment travels, my husband and I have decided to start planning early this time around, pre-selecting sailboats on the French Mediterranean coast to choose from and eventually buy in April. We’ve decided to take a couple of months at our own expense to refurbish, renovate, test and set up our future new home. It might not be forever, but seeing as we’ll be sailing for a while, we've even started thinking about a special name for our yacht!

Already today, we know what type of sailboat we want and need, and we're in the process of contacting brokers to help us with the search, assessment, transaction, paperwork and insurance.

By the time we’re ready to fully set sail, we equally hope to have completed a few additional RYA training courses, too. And just this week, our little munchkin started his Duckling swimming classes at the local pool! :)

Inventory lists, mood boards, equipment and gear, route planning, our short-term relocation to France… honestly, there’s just so much to do and so much to think about, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed. The excitement and novelty of it all really keeps me going though, and I know my family and I are really looking forward to this new lifestyle!

We are thinking of taking it 6 months at a time. During the first phase, taking into consideration the relocation to France in April, we plan on sailing from France in June, and up until Turkey (Thanksgiving) in October. At that point in time, we will reassess and if we decide to continue, we'll head for the Middle Eastern and Northern African coastlines on a second 6 month phase, from Turkey to Morocco. By the time April 2021 rolls around, we’ll have hopped over to the Spanish Canaries Islands and Portuguese Azores Islands. I’d expect that by then, we'll have decided where we want to go next. Either back to France, as a last stop, or up to the Northern Sea for more sailing. Or, possibly across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean Islands for a third phase, who knows... Those chapters are still being written, let’s say. We'll be enjoying every country on our path (if safety allows, of course), as well as joining flotillas for longer crossover passages.

Every day, I grow more and more excited and I can't wait for these new adventures to start, to discover more countries, cultures, foods, smells, people, friends, and most of all, incredible experiences! I'm looking forward to sharing all of our adventures and lifestyle from the sea!

In preparation of this project, not only are we selling all of our personal and household belongings, spending from our savings and passive income, but we'll also have sponsors, partners, and we've set up a Fund My Travel page where everyone can contribute in exchange for awesome prizes! Yup, sailing and traveling are expensive lifestyles, but incredibly worth it and life-changing, right?

More so, everywhere we go, we have a passion for making a difference and teaching our son the importance of helping others as well as the planet. For this reason, we're working on finding important causes to help communities in any way that we can, using the resources that we have at hand. It can be helping a local school to acquire books, speaking at an event to bring awareness on subjects that matter to us, helping a local business owner with his marketing, helping a local family with a few renovations they need on their house, or just picking up rubbish on the coasts. We'll be focusing on each individual location one at a time, and choosing a heart-felt cause to help out with.

Sarah The Digital GypSea

United Kingdom, March 2020